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Customize desktop preferences

My Preferences tab

These preferences allow you to customize your QuickBooks desktop, including which windows are displayed when you open a company file.


Determines whether multiple windows are visible in the main QuickBooks area.

QuickBooks is preset to show individual windows for each task. This enables you to easily move between tasks as well as compare data in multiple windows. When you open a window, it opens to a preset size and location. You can resize and move each window as you see fit. To open more than one window, tiled in the main QuickBooks area, select Multiple Windows.


Determines which windows (if any) automatically open on the desktop when you open your company file.

Save when closing company. Displays the desktop exactly as it was when you last worked in the company file. Select this option when you want your work to reappear as it was when you left it. The windows you were using reappear in the same positions as before.

Save current desktop. Displays the desktop exactly as it is now. Select this option when you want the same set of windows to reopen every time you open the file. (This option affects only the current company file. If you work in more than one company file, you can save a different desktop for each file.)

Don't save the desktop. Displays an empty desktop (no windows open) when you return to the company file.

Show Home page when opening a company file. Allows you to show or hide the Home page on your desktop when you open your company file. The QuickBooks Home page is preset to show. If the Home page doesn't show when you open the company file, you can still view and use the Home page. Click the Home button on the toolbar to show the Home page.

Color Scheme

Allows you to choose from several QuickBooks color schemes, or choose Windows Color Settings to use the color scheme selected in the Display Settings for Microsoft Windows.

Windows Settings


Opens the Display Properties control panel for Microsoft Windows, allowing you to increase or decrease your screen resolution.

For more information about changing your screen resolution, refer to the Help for Microsoft Windows.


Opens the Sounds Properties control panel for Microsoft Windows. In this control panel, you can choose a different sound for QuickBooks events, such as deleting a transaction.

For more information about assigning sounds to program events, refer to the Help for Microsoft Windows.

Company Preferences tab

Use the company preferences to customize your Home page. You can control which feature icons appear on the Home page by:

Removing feature icons from the Home page

  • Removing icons from the Home page: Certain icons can be removed from the Home page. When you remove an icon from the Home page you'll still be able to access that feature from a menu.

    • Invoices, sales receipts, and statements remain accessible from the Customers menu.

    • Enter bills and pay bills remain accessible from the Vendors menu.

  • Disabling features: Other icons are automatically removed from or added to the Home page when the corresponding feature is enabled or disabled.

    To disable a feature, go to the preferences for the individual feature.

Adding feature icons to the Home page

You can add feature icons back to the Home page by selecting the item in the "Select the features that you want to show as icons on the Home page" section, or by enabling features.

To enable features, go to the preferences for the individual feature.

The Home page has limited space for icons, so you can't add icons for every task you want to do or every report you want to run. To set up quick access to additional features or reports, you can add icons (shortcuts) to the icon bar.

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