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Hide or show templates in the Templates list

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There may be times when you'd like to remove a template from your Templates list. Maybe you don't use it anymore, or maybe you never used it all. Plus you'd like to clean up your list because it's tedious looking through so many templates.

There are two ways you can remove a template from your Templates list:

  • You can delete a template but only if it was never used in a transaction.

  • You can temporarily hide the template by making it inactive. Because most templates are used in at least one transaction, this is the most common way to clean up your Templates list.

What’s the difference between an inactive template and a deleted template?

Make a template inactive when you rarely use it but want to keep it available for use at some time in the future. Also make the template inactive when you'd like to delete it but can't because it was used in a transaction. All transactional information remains associated with the template, even after it's been made inactive. After making the template inactive, you can hide it in the Templates list. You can view inactive templates and show them on the list again at any time.

Delete a template only when it has never been used in any transaction. Deleting a template permanently removes it from the Templates list and from any drop-down lists that use templates.

Make a template inactive and hide it

To do this task

  1. Go to the Lists menu and click Templates.


  2. Single-click the template you want to make inactive.

  3. Click Templates at the bottom of the list and then click Make Template Inactive.

    The inactive template now has an X to the left of the template name.

  4. To hide the template, click Templates at the bottom of the list and then click Hide Inactive Templates.

Show all inactive templates and make a template active again

To do this task

  1. To view inactive templates, click the Include inactive option at the bottom of the window, or click the Templates button at the bottom of the list and then click Show Inactive Templates.

    Inactive templates have an X to the left of the name.

    If the Include inactive option and Show Inactive Templates aren't available, no templates are inactive.

  2. To make a template active again, single-click the X next to the template you want to show in the list.

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