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Print page numbers on forms

  1. Open the Additional Customization window.

    Open the Additional Customization window.
  2. Click the Print tab.

  3. Select the checkbox for printing page numbers.

    QuickBooks will print page numbers on forms that have two or more pages.

See also

  • Change font size or style

    When you change fonts by using the Format tab in the Customize window, you change the font for all objects of the same type on the business form. For example, if you change the font for labels, QuickBooks prints all the labels in the new font.

    If you use the Layout Designer, you can directly select the text whose font you want to change. For example, to have a particular label stand out on the form, you could apply a special font to that label, but not to any of the others.

  • Print your company name and address

  • Add your company logo

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