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Position text within a field (Layout Designer)

To do this task

  1. Open the Layout Designer.

    "Open the Layout Designer topic goes here"
  2. Double-click the field where the text appears.

  3. On the Text tab in the Properties window, select the horizontal position you want (Left, Right, or Center).

  4. (Optional) Indent the first line of text.

  5. Select the vertical position you want (Top, Bottom, or Center).

  6. (Optional) Click Fonts to print the text in a different font.

  7. (Optional) Click Color to select a different font color.

  8. Click OK.

When would you want to do this?

When you create a layout for a business form, QuickBooks automatically positions the text that appears inside each field. For example, column titles appear in the center of their fields; data you enter into a field aligns with the upper left corner of the field.

If you don't like how QuickBooks positions the text, you can change the position in the Layout Designer. For example, you could change all the column titles so that they align with the left edge of each column instead of the center.

You can choose from these nine positions within a field:

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