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Select objects (Layout Designer)

To do this task

  1. Open the Layout Designer.

    "Open the Layout Designer topic goes here"
  2. To select a single object, click the object.

  3. To select several objects: Click the first object, and then click each additional object while pressing the Shift key.

  4. To select all the objects within an area:

    1. Click an object that is in one corner of the area.

    2. While holding down the mouse button, drag the mouse diagonally to the opposite corner.

    3. When the dashed rectangle includes all the objects you want to select, release the mouse button. (The dashed rectangle only needs to enclose the center of an object to select it.)

When you select an object

A thick, shaded border appears around the object, like this:

A selected object

Once you have selected an object, you can move it; resize it; match its size, width or height to other objects; or remove any of the borders around the object.

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