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Add custom item fields

You can add up to five (5) custom fields for items. The fields will be available for all item types except subtotals, sales tax items, and sales tax group items. After you've added the custom fields, you can add them to customized forms.

Learn more about custom fields

Custom fields let you add to the information that QuickBooks tracks about your customers, vendors, and employees, and the items that you purchase and sell.

When you set up custom fields for items, QuickBooks adds your custom fields to the fields you work with when you set up new items or make changes to existing items.

You can also add your custom fields, which appear as additional columns, to your customized forms. The information you enter in a custom field transfers automatically to any customized form in which the custom field appears.

For instance, if the custom field is named "Color" and you entered "navy blue" as the color of a particular item, the Color field on your customized form prefills to "navy blue" each time you enter a sale of the custom item.

To do this task

  1. Click the Lists menu and then click Item List. Shortcut

    (If editing a fixed asset item, click Fixed Asset Item List.) Shortcut)

  2. Double-click any item in the list (it doesn't matter which one).

  3. In the Edit Item window, click the Custom Fields button.

    If you receive a prompt about no custom fields, click OK.

  4. Click the Define Fields button.

  5. In the Define Custom Fields for Items window:

    1. Enter the name of the custom field in the Label column and select the Use checkbox next to the Label name.

    2. Repeat for each custom item field to add.

    3. Click OK to close the Set up Custom Fields for Items window.

  6. Click OK to close the Custom Fields window.

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    If you enter a field, the information you enter transfers automatically to any custom form where the field appears. For example, if the field is named "Color" and you've entered "navy blue" as the color of a particular item, the Color field on your sales forms prefills to "navy blue" each time you enter a sale of the item.

Important: You can add any or all of the new fields to sales and purchase forms. If you want information from an item's record to transfer automatically to a form, you must add the field to the form.

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