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Add company logos on invoices, estimates, sales receipts, or other forms

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You can add your company logo to printed or e-mailed forms, such as invoices, sales orders, or purchase orders. Once you have added the logo to the form, you can resize and move it using the Layout Designer.

Note: Logos show when printed (you can see them in the Preview window), but they do not show when you fill out the form onscreen.

You can create, edit, or convert a logo in a graphical program such as Microsoft® Paint. For more information on images, see your graphical program's in-product Help.

To do this task

  1. Open the Basic Customization window.

    Display Basic Customization window popup goes here
  2. In the Basic Customization window, select the Use Logo checkbox.

    • If you have not previously used a logo, a window opens where you can select a logo.

    • If you have been using a logo and want to change it, click the Select Logo button to select the image you want to use.

    For best results, your logo image should be square. Your logo image will be reduced and sized to fit in a square space.

  3. Click Open to return to the Basic Customization window and preview your logo.

  4. (Optional) Click the Print Preview button to view a larger preview. Then click Close.

  5. Click OK.

See also

  • Reposition a logo

    QuickBooks normally prints the logo in the upper left corner of the form. If you want to move the logo to a different position, you must use the Layout Designer.

    1. Open the Layout Designer.

      "Opening the Layout Designer" goes here
    2. Select the logo in the upper left corner of the form.

    3. Drag the logo to where you want it to appear. (You may first need to move other objects on the form to make room for the logo.)

  • Resize a logo

  • About logo formats

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