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Hide or show the fields that print or show onscreen in forms

You can customize your invoices, estimates, and other forms by adding or removing fields, including predefined fields and any custom fields that you have created. You can select whether a field should show onscreen when you fill out the form, when the form is printed, or both.

What happens when I remove a field that has data in it?

If you used the field or column in previous transactions, QuickBooks removes the field or column from those transactions but retains all the data you entered. You can still create reports based on the data.


You've been using a custom field labeled "Color" on your sales forms. Then you decide to remove the Color field. When you display invoices you wrote before you removed the Color field, the field no longer appears. Nevertheless, you can still create reports based on the color of the items you sold.

If you decide to restore the Color field at a later time, the field reappears on all the invoices where it originally appeared and contains the data you entered.

To do this task

  1. Open the Additional Customization window.

    Open the Additional Customization window.
  2. Click either the Header or Footer tab.

  3. For each field, select or clear the checkbox to show or hide the field onscreen or on printed forms.


To display the field

Select to display on screen and in print

On your screen and on your printed forms.

Select to display on screen only

Only on your screen.
(The field does not appear on printed forms.)

Select to display in print only

Only on printed forms.
(The field does not appear on your screen.)

Select to omit from screen and print

Neither on your screen nor on your printed forms.
(The field remains hidden until you choose to display it again.)

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