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Add or remove columns on a form

You can add or remove columns from an onscreen or printed form.

To do this task

  1. Open the Additional Customization window.

    Open the Additional Customization window.
  2. Click the Columns tab.

  3. For each column, select or clear the checkbox to indicate whether the column will display when you fill out the form onscreen, or when the form prints.


    If you want the column to show

    Shows on screen and prints on forms

    On your screen and on your printed forms.

    Shows on screen

    Only on your screen.
    (The column does not appear on printed forms.)

    Prints on forms

    Only on printed forms.
    (The column does not appear on your screen.)

    Column does not display

    Neither on your screen nor on your printed forms.
    (The column remains hidden until you choose to display it again.)

  4. To see how the form will look when you print it, preview the form.

    • From the Basic Customization or Additional Customization window, you can see how the printed form will look in the Preview section of the window. To see a larger version of the form, click the Print Preview button.


    • From the form window, click the Print Preview button at the top right of the window.

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