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About the Select Image window

Use this window to choose the image file or logo you want to add to your form.

Choose the file and click Open. You might use images as logos for your checks or forms, or to add a graphic backdrop that could serve as a watermark.

The following file formats are supported:

  • BMP—bitmap

  • GIF—Graphics Interchange Format

  • PNG—Portable Network Graphics

  • WMF—Windows Metafile Format

  • EMF—Enhanced Metafile Format

  • TIFF—Tagged Information File Format

  • JPEG—named for the Joint Photographic Experts Group

If you are adding a company logo from the Customize Form window:

  1. Click Use logo and select from the file list in the Select Image window.

  2. To change to a different logo file, choose Specify and select another from the list.

If you are adding an image in the Layout Designer:

  1. Select the image from the list and click Open.

  2. To select a different image, click Browse in the Image tab and choose a different file.

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