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About the Set up Custom Fields for Names window

You use this window to set up custom fields for customers, vendors, or employees. The fields appear on the Additional Info tab when you are editing a customer, vendor, or employee record. In the case of customers and vendors, you can also add your custom fields to sales and purchase forms.

Why use custom fields?

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What you can do from here

Setting up a field

  1. Enter the name of the field in the Label column.

  2. Select the Use checkbox next to the field name.

Renaming a field

To do this task

  1. In the Label column, select the name of the field.

  2. Enter the new name in place of the existing name.

  3. Click OK.

Removing a field from use

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What happens when I rename a field?

If you rename a field that is already in use, data previously entered into the field remains unchanged. For example, if you change the name of a field from "Sales Region" to "State," a previous transaction where you entered "Far West" as the sales region will now show "Far West" as the state.

When the new name changes the meaning of the field, you may want to assign the name to a currently unused field instead.

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