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About the Properties window

You use this window to add or modify objects, associated label text, background color, and borders.

What you can do in the Properties window

Edit the text

Enter the new text in the Label field.

Reposition the text

  1. Click the Text tab.

  2. Select a horizontal and a vertical position for the text. For horizontal positions, you can:

    • Place the text at the leftmost position in the field.

    • Place the text at the rightmost position in the field.

    • Position the text in the center of the field.

    • Indent the first line of text (similar to indenting the first line of a paragraph).

    • Align decimal entries in a field or column.

To change the font or color of a text object using Layout Designer:

  1. Click the Font button.

  2. In the window that appears, select the font, style, and size you want.

  3. To change the font color, click the color selection button and choose the new color.

Add a border

Click the Border tab to modify the borders for your fields. You can:

  • Select the checkboxes for all four edges (Left, Right, Top, Bottom) to apply your changes to all edges. Clear the checkboxes for all four edges to remove the borders on all edges.

  • Select or change just the right and left corners, or make individual changes to the top and bottom edges.

  • Choose the default setting for no rounding, or select one of the rounded corner options to add rounding to all or selected corners of your fields.

  • Choose to add a color to the selected border.

  • Choose a border pattern.

  • Specify the thickness of the selected border.

Remove the border

To remove a border around an object:

  1. Click the Border tab.

  2. Clear the checkboxes for all four edges (Left, Right, Top, Bottom).

Add background color

Add background color

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