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Apply a design to multiple templates

If you've saved a design to your Intuit account, you can apply it to several templates at once.

To do this task

  1. Choose Lists > Templates.

  2. Click the Templates button, and then click Create Form Design.

  3. Create a new invoice, estimate, or sales receipt.

  4. Click the Customize drop-down arrow and select Customize Design and Layout.

  5. Click Apply Saved Design.

  6. Click the My Saved Designs link near the top of the window.

    If you're not signed in to your Intuit account, you'll be asked for a User ID and Password.

  7. Next to the design you want to use, click Re-apply to Forms.

  8. Select the form templates.

    The standard view of the Apply Design window is your default templates. If you want to apply your design to more templates, click Show All Templates.

  9. After selecting the templates, click Apply.

Will applying my design overwrite existing form templates?

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