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Customize your forms (step 2)

On the Colors & Fonts page, you can:

  • Select the color you want for the grid and the text.

  • Select the font to use for the text.

  • Select the information about your company you want on your forms.

As you make your choices, the preview in the right pane will change to show how your selection will look on your forms.

To do this task

  1. (Optional) Click the Font & grid colors drop-down arrow and select a color for the grid and text on your form.

  2. (Optional) Click the Overall font drop-down arrow and select a font to use for all the text on your forms. You can also override this selection for any of your company information.

  3. (Optional) In the Select Company Information to Display section, choose the information about your company to appear on your forms. To select different fonts for that information, click the Change font links.

    What if some of the company information is grayed out?

    You can select only the company information that you've entered in the Company Information window in your company file. To select information here, close the window, go to the Company Information window, and enter the information there.

  4. If you use window envelopes, select the I use window envelopes with my QuickBooks forms checkbox. This moves your email, web site address, and phone and fax numbers to the bottom of the form so your company's return address appears correctly in the envelope window.

  5. Click Next to move to step 3.

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