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Customize your form design overview

You can easily create a new design that reflects your business identity or brand and use it for all your QuickBooks forms, such as invoices and sales receipts. It's an easy, 4-step process using the QuickBooks Forms Customization window.

To open the QuickBooks Forms Customization window:

  1. From the Home page, open any form. For example, click Create Invoices to open the invoice form.

  2. Click the Customize drop-down arrow and select Customize Design and Layout.

    Note: If you don't see the Customize drop-down arrow, try resizing or maximizing the window.

  3. Click Create New Design.

Step 1: Select a background and logo

Step 2: Select colors and fonts

Step 3: Select the grid style

Step 4: Review the design

When you're done, you can save your design online.

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