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Apply Design window

In the Apply Design window, you choose the form templates that you want to apply your design to by placing a checkmark next to the name of the form template. All of the default form templates are pre-selected for you. You can clear, or add to, these selections.

  • Click a checkmark to select or clear a form template in the list.

  • Click a form or template name to see a thumbnail example of what your design will look like on that form.

  • Click Show All Templates to view all available form templates (not just the defaults for each form).

QuickBooks makes copies of any templates you select and applies your design to the copies. If you selected any default templates, QuickBooks makes the copies using the new design and the default template and applies them to any new transactions you create.

Note: If more than one person uses your company file (multi-user QuickBooks), each person has his or her own set of default templates. If other users want to use the template copies with your design as their default, they can set the default template for themselves.

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