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Customize the layout of a form

You can send a printed or e-mailed form that has a customized layout.

Why create a custom layout?

In the Layout Designer, you can change the layout of individual objects on a printed form, including:

  • Renaming the title of the form or an object on the form.

  • Adding a new object, such as a graphic or logo, to the form.

  • Changing the font, font style, or size of an object on the form.

  • Adding or changing borders around an object.

  • Copying or deleting an object on the form.

  • Moving or resizing an object on the form.

  • Change the width of a column on the form.

  • Making objects the same height, width, or size.

  • Changing the justification of objects on the form.

  • Changing the margins around an object on the form.

  • Positioning objects to fit in the windows of your envelopes.

  • Undoing or redoing changes made in the Layout Designer.

  • Viewing more or less of the form.

  • Showing or hiding the grid, and changing snap and grid settings on the form.

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