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About the QuickBooks Payroll services

You must sign up for one of the QuickBooks Payroll services to automatically calculate payroll tax deductions and prepare tax forms.

Intuit offers a variety of solutions to meet your payroll needs—whether you prefer to do things yourself, or you want us to assist you:

  • QuickBooks Basic Payroll

  • QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll

  • QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll for Accountants

  • QuickBooks Assisted Payroll

For detailed information about QuickBooks Payroll services, go to the Go onlineQuickBooks Payroll Web site.

You receive a 10-day free Trial Period of the QuickBooks Payroll Service upon initial installation and validation of Business Manager.

Once this Trial Period has expired (and as long as you have registered your Business Manager), you can add the QuickBooks Payroll Service to your Business Manager subscription as a Power Feature.

The QuickBooks Payroll Service is designed to help you stay compliant with ever-changing tax laws. It provides you with:

  • automatic, accurate payroll calculations and the ability to create payroll payments in QuickBooks.

    The calculations cover employee earnings, PAYE withholding, National Insurance premiums, and more.

  • updates and upgrades that keep your software investment current.

    As long as you are subscribed to the Service, you receive all updates and upgrades that Intuit UK releases for QuickBooks as part of the Business Manager service.

  • an updated tax table each time the government makes a change that affects payroll withholding amounts. Downloading a new tax table takes less than a minute and does not change your existing data.

Why is it important to have the most recent tax table?


You must add the QuickBooks Payroll Service to your subscription for each QuickBooks user licence you are currently subscribed to, and whose payroll features you want to use.

Information you need to sign up.

How to sign up.

If you wish to cancel your subscription to the QuickBooks Payroll Service and you are out of your 12 month initial contract period, contact the Business Manager support team on 0845 303 3033.

Note: You cannot add the QuickBooks Payroll Service to your Business Manager subscription until you have registered your Business Manager.

Once you have added Payroll to your subscription, be sure to go to the QuickBooks preferences and turn payroll on.

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