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Void or delete a credit card entry

To remove the amount of a credit card entry, either void the transaction or delete it.

To do this task

  1. Find and open the credit card transaction in the Enter Credit Card Charges window.

    1. Click the Vendors icon.

    2. If you know the vendor's name, select the vendor on the Vendors tab, then click the Show drop-down list and choose Credit Card Activities.

      Otherwise, click Credit Card Activities on the Transactions tab to get a list of credit card charges for all vendors.

    3. (Optional) Use the Filter By and Date drop-down lists to narrow down the set of credit card charges displayed.

    4. Double-click the credit card charge to open it.

  2. Go to the Edit menu and either click Void Credit Card Charge or Delete Credit Card Charge.

    • (Recommended) Voiding changes the amount of the transaction to zero but keeps a record of it in QuickBooks (so you have the information in case of a discrepancy).

    • Deleting completely removes the transaction from QuickBooks, and cannot be undone.

  3. Save the voided transaction.

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