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What's important about the Enter Credit Card Charges window

Enter your business credit card transactions.

On the toolbar

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Opens a window that allows you to search for transactions related to the form you're using. For example, if you have an invoice open, clicking Find allows you to search for a particular invoice or invoices.

Download Card Charges

Lets you download credit card charges from your financial institution.

On the form

Ending Balance

The amount you currently owe on the credit card. If the amount is negative, you have a net credit with the credit card company.

Purchased from

Enter the name of the vendor. Click the Purchased From drop-down list arrow and choose an existing payee, or enter a new name. If a purchase order exists for this vendor, you will be prompted to receive against it.

Purchase/Charge or Refund/Credit

Click Purchase/Charge when you're buying something.

Click Refund/Credit when you're returning something and getting money back.

Expenses and Items tabs

Expenses: This part of the form lets you track exactly what you spend your money on and whether any part of the expenditure should be reimbursed by a customer. You can distribute the amount to expense accounts, specific items you have purchased, or a mixture of both. You can also assign the expense to a class.

Items: This part of the form lets you enter the QuickBooks items you purchased, including fixed assets, and whether any part of this expenditure should be reimbursed by a customer. You can also assign the expense to a class.

To insert or a delete a line in the Expenses or Items tab, go to the Edit menu and then click Insert Line or Delete Line.

Exchange Rate

Enter an exchange rate if the transaction's currency is foreign. QuickBooks uses the rate to convert foreign amounts into home currency amounts.
Note: The exchange rate field is grayed out and uses a value of 1 when only home currency accounts are used

Clear Splits

Removes all detail lines that you entered in the detail area.


Add the amounts in the detail area of the Expenses and Items tabs to get the new amount of the transaction, including sales tax.

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