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What's important about the Bill Payments (Credit Card) window

The top part of the window shows a credit card transaction that QuickBooks entered when you paid a bill through accounts payable. The bottom part shows which bills were covered by the transaction.

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Ending Balance

The amount you currently owe on the credit card. If the amount is negative, you have a net credit with the credit card company.

Purchased from

Enter the name of the vendor. Click the Purchased From drop-down list arrow and choose an existing payee, or enter a new name. If a purchase order exists for this vendor, you will be prompted to receive against it.

Bills paid in this transaction

Bills that have a checkmark in the Pay column are paid (either partially or in full) by the credit card transaction shown in the top part of the window.

To change how much of the charge applies to a bill

  1. Edit the amount shown in the Amt. Paid column.

  2. Click the Recalculate button

To exclude a bill from the charge

  1. Click the bill's checkmark in the Pay column to clear it.

  2. Click the Recalculate button

Clear Splits

Removes all detail lines that you entered in the detail area.


Recalculates the amount of the credit card transaction by adding the line item amounts you entered in the Bills paid in this transaction detail area.

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