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How the conversion tool handles names of Small Business Accounting/Office Accounting people and items


The following are differences between valid names in QuickBooks and in Microsoft® Small Business Accounting/Office Accounting:

  • Names cannot contain colons (:). Any colons are removed.

  • Imported names can use only standard English characters. Any non-English characters are replaced with question marks (?).

    Names edited from QuickBooks can contain non-English characters. After converting the company, you can change the names as desired.

  • QuickBooks names are not case sensitive. For example, QuickBooks considers "BOB" a duplicate of "bob".

  • Some applications treat "Last Name, First Name" as a different name than "First Name Last Name". In QuickBooks, these are considered duplicates. For example, QuickBooks considers "Bob Smith" a duplicate of "Smith, Bob".

During the conversion process, duplicate names are renamed by appending a numerical suffix to the original name, such as "Bob Smith001" or "Bob Smith002". This includes duplicates created while resolving other naming issues. After you convert your company, you can fine tune your customer, vendor, and employee records as needed.

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