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Employee-related data that gets converted from Small Business Accounting/Office Accounting


The QuickBooks Conversion Tool converts most of your employee data, except for some fields that are specific to Microsoft® Small Business Accounting/Office Accounting fields.

The following table list the employee-related information that will be converted (or not converted). For a table of additional information that is converted from several lists, including employees, see Small Business Accounting/Office Accounting supplementary information that is converted.

Employee Personal Information


Employee Name

In QuickBooks, employee names have the following length limitations. Names that are too long will be truncated and (if needed to prevent duplicate names) renamed:

  • First name: 25 characters

  • Middle initial: 5 characters

  • Last Name: 25 characters


Limited to 1 address of 41 characters or less. Only the first address is imported.


Limited to 1. Only the first is imported.

E-mail address

Limited to 1. Only the first is imported.

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