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Reinstall QuickBooks or QuickBooks Server

You may need to reinstall QuickBooks (or the QuickBooks Server) if you have hard disk or other problems. Reinstalling does not affect your company data file.

If you're moving a full QuickBooks installation to a different computer or hard disk, see moving your QuickBooks installation.

If you're changing your existing installation type (for example, from a full installation to a server installation), see change QuickBooks installation type.

If you unlocked a new edition of QuickBooks, follow the instructions in the Reinstallation Kit you received.

To do this task

  1. Insert the QuickBooks CD into your CD-ROM drive to start the installation.

    If the installation doesn't start automatically, browse to your CD-ROM drive and double-click the file setup to manually start the installation.

  2. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the reinstallation, using the same installation type you used for your original installation. The installation numbers you used previously appear in the License Number and Product Number window (full installations only).

    If you're reinstalling QuickBooks because you're upgrading to a 3 or 5-User Value Pack, enter the License number from your new Value Pack.

Note: You don't need to re-register unless you are reinstalling to a different computer. If you're upgrading to a 3- or 5-User Value Pack, only one user must re-register.

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