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Convert a company file to QuickBooks for Mac

Will all of my data be converted?

Due to feature differences between the Windows and Macintosh editions, some QuickBooks for Windows data will not be converted. If you transfer data back and forth between the two platforms, you should carefully check the integrity of your data file.

To do this task

  1. Verify that you have QuickBooks for Mac, version 2007 or later.

    1. Open your QuickBooks for Mac application.

    2. Press Command+1.

    Important: You can only convert your company file for use with QuickBooks for Mac, version 2007 and later.

  2. Open the company file in QuickBooks Pro or Premier for Windows.

  3. Go to the File menu, click Utilities, and then click Copy Company File for QuickBooks Mac.

  4. Choose a name and location for the file. The backup file must have a .qbb extension.

    QuickBooks saves your data to a backup file, suitable for opening in QuickBooks for Mac.

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