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Convert your Quicken data to QuickBooks (procedure)

Quicken conversion

converting from Quicken


Important: You cannot convert files from some older versions of Quicken for Macintosh or Quicken for DOS to QuickBooks files. You must either upgrade your Quicken file to a newer version of the software or start a new company file. You can use reports to see what historical data to enter.

Converting from recent versions of Quicken for Windows

Use these instructions if you want to convert Quicken for Windows or Quicken Home and Business to QuickBooks.

Note: If you are converting data from Quicken for Macintosh, refer to Go online www.quickbooks.com/support for instructions.

To install QuickBooks and convert your data:

  1. Insert the installation CD in the CD-ROM drive.
    The installation program starts automatically.

  2. Follow the onscreen instructions.

  3. After installation, start your copy of QuickBooks.

  4. Go to the File menu, click Utilities, click Convert, and then click From Quicken.

  5. Select the Quicken file you want to convert.

    QuickBooks guides you through the rest of the conversion.

Editing your Other Names list

At the end of the Quicken conversion is a list of every payee name that was not used in an account you designated as an A/R account. Therefore, this list may contain not only names of customers, vendors, and employees but also descriptions such as "Deposit," "Transfer," and "Interest."

You have a chance to change the names on the list to customers, vendors, or employees. If you don't change them now, they remain on your Other Names list. If you decide not to change the type now, you can still do it later, but you'll have to do it one name at a time.

Here are some tips for deciding whether to change a name type:

Type of name

Use for


Person or company to which you send estimates, invoices, or statements


Person or company to which you provide 1099 forms or send purchase orders or from which you receive bills

Clear the tape

Person or company to which you provide 1099 forms or send purchase orders or from which you receive bills


Person for whom you provide W-2 forms and report as being on your payroll

Other Name

Owners, partners, or miscellaneous payees on checks or credit card charges

Changing the name type for several names on your Other Names list

  1. In the Change Name Types window, choose the appropriate column for each name you want to move to a different list.

    For example, to move some names to the Vendor list, click the Vendor column next to those names. To change all the marks back to the Other Name column, click Revert.

    Once you change the name type, you can't undo it. The only name type you can change is the Other Name type. You can move a name from the Other Names list to the Vendor, Customer:Job, or Employee list. However, you can't move a vendor, customer, or employee to any other list. Therefore, if you are not sure whether to change a name now, it's best to leave it as is. You will be able to change it later.

  2. When the columns are marked correctly, click OK.

If you have different versions of the same name

If you have slightly different versions of the same name (for example, Mike Rhymes, Michael Rhymes, and Michael P. Rhymes), QuickBooks will put each version of the name on the Other Names list.

QuickBooks will not allow you to delete any name used in a transaction. However, you can shorten the Other Names list after you have started using QuickBooks.

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