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Delete Quicken accounts before converting to QuickBooks

When would I want to delete accounts from my Quicken file?

You might want to delete some accounts from your Quicken file in the following situations:

  • You have personal accounts as well as business accounts in your Quicken file. QuickBooks should only contain your business accounts.

  • You have an investment account in your Quicken file.

    • If you don't delete the Quicken investment account: It will be converted to a QuickBooks Other Current Asset account because QuickBooks does not have a special feature to track investments. You can keep the QuickBooks Other Current Asset account, using it simply as a way to include the value of your investments in your QuickBooks balance sheet. Continue tracking your investments in Quicken and update the QuickBooks Other Current Asset account balance periodically.

    • If you delete the Quicken investment account: You can continue to track investments only in Quicken.

To do this task

  1. Make a copy of your Quicken data file.

  2. Using the copy of the Quicken file, delete accounts that you know you won't want in QuickBooks.

    In QuickBooks, you cannot delete accounts that contain transactions, as you can in Quicken.

    Note: All transfers to and from the deleted accounts will be converted as transactions to your opening balance equity account in QuickBooks, to ensure that your accounts balance.

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