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Convert from Quicken online banking to QuickBooks

Not all financial institutions that offer online banking and online vendor payment for Quicken also offer them for QuickBooks.

Important: You can't use online banking with the same account in both Quicken and QuickBooks. It will not work correctly. The same applies to online vendor payment.

To do this task

  1. Contact your financial institution to make sure that it works online with QuickBooks and to find out its requirements for converting.

    What if my financial institution doesn't work with QuickBooks?

    The converted account will not be online in QuickBooks. You can:

    • Contact your financial institution and cancel the online service. Important: Any fees for the service will continue until you have done this.

      To pay your vendors online, you can use the Go onlineQuickBooks Bill Pay Service.


    • Continue using Quicken for online banking or online vendor payment. You'll need to enter all online transactions from Quicken into QuickBooks, too. (You can't export a group of transactions from Quicken to QuickBooks.)

  2. In Quicken, send all unsent payments using online payment.

  3. Delete any repeating online payment instructions in Quicken, and send the deletion instruction to the financial institution.

    QuickBooks does not support repeating online payments, so you cannot delete or modify them in QuickBooks. You can replace your repeating online payments with scheduled payments.

  4. Finish converting from Quicken to QuickBooks.

  5. Re-enable your online accounts in QuickBooks.

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