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Convert Peachtree files (procedure)

QuickBooks provides a simple tool to help you convert Peachtree files to QuickBooks.

To do this task

  1. Before you run the QuickBooks Conversion Tool, be sure to prepare your Peachtree files for conversion.

  2. Turn off screen savers, and close all other applications, including memory managers, QuickBooks, and Peachtree. This will speed up the conversion process and avoid errors.

  3. Download the conversion tool.

    The download size is approximately 30 MB.

    Note: If you have already downloaded the QuickBooks Conversion Tool, you can skip to step 4.

    1. Go to the File menu, click Utilities, click Convert, and then click From Peachtree. Or, you can point your Internet Explorer browser to Go online http://www.quickbooksdirect.com/convert (if you are not an accountant) or Go online http://accountant.intuit.com/convert (if you are an accountant or QuickBooks ProAdvisor).

    2. Complete the short form and click Submit.

    3. Click Download.

  4. When the tool finishes downloading, you will be prompted to run the tool. Check the Launch QuickBooks Conversion Tool and click Finish. Or, you can run the tool later by going to the folder where you installed the tool and double-clicking QBConversionTool.exe.

  5. Follow the onscreen instructions.

    If you receive an error message during the conversion, refer to these troubleshooting tips.

  6. After you convert your file, refer to this post-conversion checklist to verify that your data was converted accurately.

Note: Some converted fields will not be visible in QuickBooks if the feature is turned off. For example, you will not be able to access sales tax information if the Sales Tax preference is turned off. To review or change your QuickBooks preferences, start QuickBooks, go to the Edit menu, and click Preferences. Make changes as necessary.

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