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Employee-related data that gets converted from Peachtree

The QuickBooks Conversion Tool converts most of your employee data, except for Peachtree-specific fields (Position, Birthday, Spouse, Emergency contacts)

The following tables list the employee-related information that will be converted (or not converted).

Employee data that gets converted to QuickBooks

Employee Personal Information


Employee Name

Peachtree's First, Middle, and Last Name (up to 41 characters).

Print on Checks As

Same as the Peachtree Employee Name.

SS Number

Peachtree Employee SSN


Not available from Peachtree.

Date of Birth

Not available from Peachtree.

Employee Personal Address and Contact Info


Address, City, State, Zip

Same as Peachtree.


Peachtree Phone Number


Not available from Peachtree.

Alt. Phone

Not available from Peachtree.


Not available from Peachtree.


Same as Peachtree


Not available from Peachtree.

PIN (Pager)

Not available from Peachtree.

Employee Additional Info


Account No.

Peachtree Employee ID

Billing Rate Level

Not converted.

User-defined (Custom) fields

Behaves the same, unless a customer, item, or vendor has the same custom field. In this case, the data will only be converted for the customer's, item's, or vendor's field. Custom fields can currently only be converted for a customer, an item, a vendor, or an employee, but not shared across these. Custom fields will currently be converted in the following order: customer, item, vendor, employee.

Payroll and Compensation Info


Paychecks and YTD Information

Paychecks or employees YTD information are not converted. You must make a manual YTD Adjustment for each employee that summarizes each employees YTD Payroll information. The YTD information will be sufficient for year-end W2's and YTD information on future paychecks.

Peachtree creates paycheck information as a Payroll Entry (PRJ) General Journal Entry. This journal entry debits and credits the same expense, liability and asset accounts as Peachtree. QuickBooks does not recognize Peachtree Journal Entries as Paychecks for Employee YTD for W2s. You must make a YTD adjustment for each employee that records the total Calendar YTD Gross Wages and total amounts deducted.

Employee Payroll Setup Information

These fields are not converted (Sick Pay, Vacation, DD Info, Payrates, Taxes, Withholdings, Deductions).

Employment Info


Employment Dates

Hire and Release Dates will be converted from Peachtree.

Employment Details (Type)

These employment fields (Regular, Officer, Statutory, Owner) need to be manually entered.

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