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Assign a class to track a transaction

What is class tracking?

What is class tracking?

Which QuickBooks windows let me add a class to a transaction?

The following are some of the QuickBooks windows where you can add a class to a transaction. Click the arrow to open the window.

  • Begin Reconciliation/Modify Reconciliation Shortcut

  • Create Credit Memos/Refunds Shortcut

  • Create Estimates Shortcut

  • Create Invoices Shortcut

  • Create Purchase Orders Shortcut

  • Create Sales Orders Shortcut

To do this task

  1. Turn on class tracking under accounting preferences.

  2. Add the appropriate classes for your business or organization.

  3. Assign a class to each transaction you want to track.

    • To assign a default class for all line items on a transaction, use the Class field at the top of the transaction form.

    • To assign different classes for individual line items, use the Class column on the line item(this column is available on most form templates).

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