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Use the Class list

How do I display this list?

Go to the Lists menu and click Class List.

Note: You must turn on class tracking to see the Class list.

What to store in this list

This list contains the classes that you've set up. QuickBooks classes give you a way to track different segments of your business, and to break down your account balances for each segment. Classes can apply to all transactions, so they're not tied to a particular client or project.

As you create transactions such as invoices, purchase orders and bills, you assign the appropriate class for the transaction. At any time you can run reports to view account balances by class.

How to manage your classes

Click Class at the bottom of the list to add, edit, or delete classes. You can make a class inactive, print the list, and more.

To see reports related to this list, click Reports at the bottom of the list.

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