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About statements

Use statements if you need to track how much your customers owe you (or accounts receivable, also called A/R), or if you receive payments in advance.

You enter statement charges one by one, as you perform the services for the customer.

Statement charges are ideal if you want to accumulate charges before requesting payment, or if you assess a regular monthly charge.

Later, you print a billing statement that shows the previous balance, details of all new charges, payments received, and the new balance. Billing statements (that is, statements that show information about new charges) are appropriate if you want to send monthly statements that show the detail of new charges as well as the previous balance and payments received.


Use statements if you:

  • Need to track how much your customers owe you

  • Receive payments in advance

  • Accumulate charges before requesting payment

  • Need to show customers a history of their account activity (charges, payments, and balance)

Statement limitations

Examples of business likely to use statement charges and billing statements include medical and dental practices, property management companies, and organizations that assess monthly fees.

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