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About sales receipts

If your customers pay in full at the time they receive your service or product, then you don't have to track how much they owe you. However, you might want to track each sale, calculate its sales tax, or print a receipt for the sale. In that case, use a sales receipt.

You can also use a sales receipt to create a summary of sales income and sales tax owed. You can summarize daily or weekly sales on a sales receipt.

If customers pay in advance, either in part or in full, you should not use a sales receipt.

A cash sale, and using a sales receipt, requires full payment at the time you record the sale.


Use sales receipts if you:

  • Collect payment in full at time of service or sale of product

  • Want to track what you sold

  • Want to track the sales tax you collected and owe

  • Would rather create a daily or weekly summary of sales income and sales tax owed, instead of on a "per sale" basis

  • Don't accept payment in advance

  • Don't need to track what your customers owe you

Examples of businesses likely to use sales receipts include beauty salons, pet groomers, newspaper stands, dry cleaners, and restaurants.

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