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Figure out your wallet check type and set it in QuickBooks

By selecting the correct wallet check type before printing your checks, you'll avoid wasting checks because of alignment and reprint issues.

You also can call Intuit directly for answers about your check type or other check-related questions. Use this same number for assistance in using Peachtree checks with QuickBooks.

To do this task
  1. Get out your checks and find the gray text between the stub and your check.

    The text is printed vertically and includes a year, INTUIT INC., a three-digit number, and a phone number.

    For example, 2006 INTUIT INC. #XXX 1–800–433–8810.

  2. Examine the three-digit number, beginning with a number sign (#). This number determines your wallet check type.

    • Intuit's Check 21 image-compatible wallet checks use any of the following numbers: #808  #828  #848  #868  #888.

    • Intuit's Traditional wallet checks use all other numbers.

  3. Click the File menu, click Print Forms, and then click Checks.

  4. Select the checks you want to print and click OK.

  5. In the Print Checks window, click the Wallet Check Type drop-down arrow and choose one of the following:

    If you're using Check 21 checks, click Check 21.


    If you're using traditional wallet checks that are not Check 21 image-compatible, click Traditional.

    Some financial institutions may require Check 21 compliance, or may charge fees for non-compliance.

    Note: For non-Intuit purchased checks, contact your check provider to determine if you're using Check 21 image-compatible checks or QuickBooks-compatible Traditional wallet checks.

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