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Print a partial page of one or two checks

Why would I want to do this?

If you use Standard or wallet checks which come three to a page, you may have one or two checks left over from a previous printing.

To do this task

  1. Open the Print Checks window.

    Opening the Print Checks window
  2. In the Check Style section, click the style you're printing.

  3. (For Standard or wallet checks) In the Checks on 1st Page section, type 1 or 2 for the number of checks on your partial page.

  4. (For Standard or wallet checks) Click the Partial Page tab, select the orientation for your check, then put your check into the printer the same way you feed in an envelope.

  5. Load your check page into the printer.

  6. Click Print.

    If there's a problem while printing your checks, press Esc to cancel the printing process.

  7. If the Do the Checks Have a Tear-off Strip window appears, click Yes or No to indicate whether you've torn off the small strip at the bottom of your page of checks. We recommend that you don't tear off the strip. It helps your printer feed the check and align the text properly on the check.

  8. Did your checks print correctly?

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