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Load checks into your printer

To do this task

  1. Make sure your printer has enough toner to clearly print all the text on your checks.

  2. (For full pages of checks) Load the pages into the tray you normally use for printing your checks.

    (For a partial page of one or two checks) Load the page into your printer's envelope feeder or manual feed tray.

    • If you load a stack of check pages, make sure the partial page is the first page.

    • If you load a single check sideways, make sure the "Pay To" short edge of the check will be grabbed by the printer.

    • Use the diagrams on the Partial Page tab of the Print Checks window for guidance.

    Intuit Forms Leaders
  3. Print your checks.

Important: If you print a lot of checks, you may want to have one printer dedicated to printing all your checks. However, when not printing, don't leave the blank checks sitting in your printer. Always keep your blank checks in a secure location to avoid theft or possible fraud.

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