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About Check 21 and wallet checks

As a result of recent Check 21 (Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act) legislation, many U.S. financial institutions require the physical format and layout of your checks to conform to industry processing and imaging standards.

To meet these requirements, Intuit offers Check 21 image-compatible wallet checks to guarantee that your wallet checks are always accepted by your financial institution.

Important: Only QuickBooks versions 2006 and higher support Check 21 wallet checks.

Check 21 changes to wallet checks

  • You can use wallet checks that you purchase elsewhere, but only Intuit-purchased Check 21 wallet checks have a 100% money-back guarantee for acceptance by any financial institution in the U.S. If you don't use Intuit-purchased checks, you'll need to check with your vendor to make sure the checks are compatible with QuickBooks and Check 21.

  • There are two check types for wallet checks – Check 21 and Traditional.

    Note: While Check 21 check types are more strongly recommended, you may use your Traditional wallet checks in QuickBooks. However, be aware that some financial institutions may require Check 21 compliance, or may charge fees for non-compliance. When printing Traditional checks, make sure you select Traditional for the Wallet Check Type in the Print Checks window.

  • Check 21 wallet checks have a payee address limitation of three lines.

  • Text fonts printed on your checks can't be in color.

  • Text for the check dollar amount is preset by QuickBooks to Arial 10 point font, and can't be changed.

    Note: You have the option to use other fonts for all other text on your printed check.

  • Check 21 wallet checks can be printed on laser and ink-jet printers (page-oriented, single sheets), but dot matrix (continuous-feed) printers are not supported.

For more Check 21 and wallet check information

Go to Go online Check 21 Wallet Check FAQs.

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