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Reset QuickBooks check numbers

QuickBooks remembers two independent sets of check numbers for each checking account. One set is for checks that are NOT printed from QuickBooks. The other set is for checks printed from QuickBooks.

To reset the check numbers if you do not print your checks

  1. Go to the Banking menu and click Write Checks. Shortcut

    From Money Out, click New next to Write Checks.

  2. In the No. field, enter the number where you want your checks to restart.

    If you can't access this field, clear the checkmark from the To be printed checkbox.

  3. Enter your other check information as normal.

  4. Save the check.

    After you record this check, all checks that you don't print will follow your new numbering.

To reset the check numbers for checks printed from QuickBooks

When you are preparing to print checks, enter the number in the First Check Number field that matches the first number on the checks in your printer.

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