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Edit information on a check

You can change the information on a check in the Write Checks window or in the register from which you wrote the check.

You cannot edit a sales tax payment.

To do this task

  1. Find the check in the Write Checks window or in your bank account register.

    Find a check

    Find a check

    The register doesn't show all the fields on a check. To edit all the fields, use the Write Checks window instead.

    If you're working in the register and need to see all the fields, select the check in the register and then click Edit Transaction to open the Write Checks window.
  2. Change the content of the check.

    Why can't I change the check number?

    QuickBooks is probably waiting to assign the check number later when you print the check.

    If you can't edit the No. field, clear the checkmark from the To be printed checkbox.

    Alternatively, wait to reset the check number when you print the check.

    • If you print only this check from the Write Checks window, you'll be prompted to enter the check number at that time.

    • If you print a batch of checks later, you can specify the first number of the checks in the First Check Number field on the Select Checks to Print window.

    How can I change or remove the Print As field?

    If your check shows an uneditable field called Print As above the Pay to the Order of field, this is the name QuickBooks uses when the check is printed.

    This name is set in the Vendor or Employee record.

    To change or clear this field

    1. In the Vendor or Employee Center, find the name that appears in the &check_s; Pay to the Order field.

    2. Double-click the name to open the Edit Vendor or Edit Employee window.

    3. Change or clear the Print on Checks as field.

    4. Click OK.

    5. Find your check again. The Print As field should be the new name you specified in the Print on Checks as field. If you cleared the Print on Checks as field, (or if the name in the field is the same as the name of the vendor or employee), you should no longer see a Print As field on the check.

  3. Save the check.

You can edit the Date field of a check to change the date that will be printed on it. If you always want to use the date on which you print the checks, you can have QuickBooks set the check date at the time of printing.

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