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You can enter a short note about the check here. Your note will appear on the printed check itself (if you print it), in your checking account register, and on reports that include this check. The memo can include any information you want to give to the payee, such as an invoice number, in addition to the account number. The memo can be as long as 16 lines or 1120 characters, depending on the font you are using.

Note: The QuickBooks Administrator can set a preference that automatically displays a payee's account number in the Memo field whenever you write a check to that payee.

Online featureIf you select the Online Payment checkbox, the Memo field has a different function, depending on the window you are using.

  • If you are using the Write Checks window to make a Direct Deposit payment (the vendor has been set up to use Direct Deposit), the Memo field contains the words "Direct Deposit" unless the QuickBooks Administrator has set the preference to automatically display the payee's account number in the Memo field.

  • If you are using the Write Checks window to make an Online Payment, the Memo field changes to the Transmit Memo checkbox. If you select this checkbox and enter a memo, your online payment will be mailed as a printed check. That check will include a voucher containing all the text you enter in the field. Because the check is not sent electronically, it may take up to four business days to be delivered.

  • If you are using the Bill Payments (Check) window, the Memo field does not change, however, the Account# field and the "Include reference no." checkbox are displayed. The Account# field is filled automatically from your online payee information and is automatically transmitted with the online payment. Select the Include reference no. checkbox to include a voucher with the check. The voucher will include the text you have entered in the Memo field, and a list of each bill paid with the date, reference number, and amount. The check is not sent electronically, so it may take as long as four business days to be delivered.

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