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Set default bank accounts for recording transactions

If you regularly use the same bank account for specific banking transactions, you can set preferences so that a form always opens with the desired account filled in. QuickBooks remembers your preference account even if you enter a transaction and manually choose a different account for that transaction. This is useful if you occasionally write a check from a seldom-used account. If you do not set preferences for forms, the form opens to the same account that you used last time you opened the form.

Setting personal preferences for default accounts

You can set default bank accounts for writing checks, paying bills, paying sales tax, and making deposits. If you select the checkbox you activate the preference so that you can choose from one of the available accounts or you can add a new one. If you choose to add an account that is inappropriate for checking functions, you'll be prompted to enter a correct type before setting the preference.

Setting company preferences for default accounts

The QuickBooks administrator can set company preferences that open paychecks and payroll liability forms at the correct bank account. You can use the preference to indicate where the cursor starts on checks. You save time because you don't have to choose the correct bank account or move manually to the Payee field.

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Opening checking preferences

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