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What's important about the Bill Payments (Check) window

The top part of the window displays the checking account transaction that QuickBooks entered when you paid a bill through accounts payable. A list of the bills that were paid by the check is displayed at the bottom of the window.

On the toolbar

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Lists the transactions that are related or "linked" to the transaction you have open.

On the form

Ending Balance

Displays the balance of your checking account. If the amount shown for the ending balance is negative, you do not have enough money in the account to cover the check.

To be Printed/No. to Print

A checkmark here indicates that you have not yet printed this check. When you print the check, QuickBooks clears the checkmark.

To print only this check

  • Click the Print button.

To print all unprinted checks

  • Go to the File menu, click Print Forms, and then click Checks.

No. To Print field

For unprinted checks, "To Print" appears in the number field. After you print a check, the check number used appears in this field. QuickBooks automatically increases the number of each new check by 1.

Date (online payment ramifications)

The date of the check. QuickBooks inserts today's date for you. You can enter a different date if necessary.

Online featureIf you signed up for Online Payment, QuickBooks automatically enters the earliest possible delivery date based on the lead time for that payee. You can change this date to a later date if it is within the next 12 months.

Online Payment

Select this checkbox when you want to pay the payee by using the online vendor payment service or (for Write Checks only) Direct Deposit. This checkbox is displayed only if you've set up online vendor payment or Direct Deposit for the selected account.

Online featureWhen you select the Online Payment checkbox, the Memo field has a different function depending on the window you are using.

  • If you are using the Write Checks window to make a Direct Deposit payment (the vendor has been set to use Direct Deposit), the Memo field functions in the same way that it does for printed checks.

  • If you are using the Write Checks window, the Memo field changes to the Transmit Memo checkbox. If you select this checkbox and enter a memo, your online payment will be mailed as a printed check. That check will include a voucher containing all the text that you enter in the field. Since the check is not sent electronically, it may take up to four business days to be delivered.

  • If you are using the Bill Payments (Check) window, the Memo field does not change, however, the Account# field and the "Include reference no." checkbox are displayed.

    The Account# field is filled automatically from your online payee information and is automatically transmitted with the online payment. Select the "Include reference no." checkbox to include a voucher with the check. The voucher will include the text that you have entered in the Memo field and a list of each bill paid with the date, reference number, and amount. The check is not sent electronically, so it may take up to four business days to be delivered.

Print as

This field appears when your records contain two different forms of the payee's name. For names on your Vendor list, this happens when you fill in the "Print on check as" field when you are setting up the vendor.

For names on your Customers & Jobs, Employee, or Other Names lists, this happens when the first line of the payee's address is different than the payee's name on the list.

When you print the check, QuickBooks prints the name of the payee as it is shown in the "Print as" field.

Address (online payment ramifications)

The payee's address. If you have the payee's address in your QuickBooks records, QuickBooks fills in the address for you when you fill in the "Pay to the Order of" field. If you print the check, QuickBooks includes the address on the printed check.

Online featureIf you have signed up for Online Payment, and you want this payee to be an online payee, you must fill in the name, address, and account number fields. The "phone number" and "Print on Check As" fields are optional, however, the phone number helps if the financial institution has to call the payee if there is a problem delivering the payment.

Memo (online payment ramifications)

Memo (online payment ramifications) topic

Bill Payment Information

Bills that have a checkmark in the Pay column are covered (either partially or in full) by the check shown in the top part of the window.

To change how much of the check applies to a bill, edit the amount in the Amt. Paid column. To exclude a bill from the check, click the bill's checkmark in the Pay column to clear it.

If you change the Amt. Paid or if you exclude bills, click Recalculate to make sure that the check covers the bills accurately.

Clear Splits

Removes all detail lines that you entered in the detail area.


Recalculates the amount of the check by adding the line item amounts that you entered in the detail area.


Apply a discount to the bill.


Clear/Revert topic

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