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Remove an account (or subaccount)

delete account

Important: You need to use different instructions if you're trying to delete a customer account or delete a vendor account.

There are three ways to remove an account from your Chart of Accounts:

  • Combine (merge) two accounts
    Say you have both an Office Supplies account and a Business Supplies account. You might want to merge the two accounts so you can see the transactions for both accounts listed as a single line in your reports.

  • Hide an account (by making it inactive)
    Because you don't want to lose historical transactions, you don't want to delete an account that you aren't using anymore. It's better to hide the account in your chart of accounts by making it inactive.

  • Delete an account
    Unless you've set up an account by mistake, it's better for your records to hide an account instead of deleting it. There are limitations when you delete an account.

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