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Add account numbers to your accounts

You can add account numbers to each account in your QuickBooks chart of accounts. Although you're not required to use account numbers, your accountant may recommend that you do so.

QuickBooks inserts account numbers before account names in the chart of accounts. The account number also appears in reports that list the account and on graphs.

Default account numbers are assigned to accounts based on account type and within ranges based on generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). You can change an account number at any time.

Example of standard account numbers

Although you aren't required to use account numbers in your chart of accounts in QuickBooks, your accountant may recommend that you do so. Here are standard chart of accounts number ranges:

To turn on the preference for using account numbers

  1. Open the accounting preferences.

    Opening accounting preferences
  2. Click the Company Preferences tab.

  3. Select the Use account numbers checkbox.

  4. (Optional) Select the Show lowest subaccount only checkbox.

    What this does

    This preference suppresses the display of parent accounts when you enter an account name in a transaction. You see only the accounts you're working with, not the higher level accounts.

    For example, say you write a check and assign the expense to this account:

    54000·Rent: 54100·Office: 54110·Main

    QuickBooks shortens the account path so that you see only the following:


  5. Click OK.

Tip: Once you turn your account number preference on, you can run the Account Listing Report to see (and print) your list of accounts and account numbers.

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