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Change the opening balance for an account in use

This topic focuses on changing opening/starting balances. Click here to learn more about changing current account balances.

  1. Choose Lists > Chart of Accounts.

  2. Double-click the account.

  3. Find the account's opening balance transaction in the register (usually the first one).


    Look for Opening Bal Equity in the Account field of the register.

    What if the account type doesn't have a register?

    The balances for income and expense accounts come from your checks, bills, invoices, and other transactions that you enter. To change the opening balance of an income or expense account, find the appropriate transaction and change the amount information.

  4. If you're changing your QuickBooks start date, change the date of the opening balance to that date.

  5. Change the amount to the correct opening balance.

  6. Click Record.

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