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What if the Tax Line drop-down list isn't there?

During the Easy Step Interview, if you selected Other / None on the How is your company organized screen, the Tax Line drop-down list will not appear when you add a new account (or edit an existing one).

To add the Tax Line drop-down list to account setup

  1. Go to the Company menu and then click Company Information.

  2. In the Report Information section of the window, click the Income Tax Form Used drop-down list and choose the income tax form that is used by your company.

  3. Click OK.

A Tax Line drop-down list of forms and schedules will now be available when you're adding or editing accounts. The Tax Line drop-down list will appear for all new accounts you add, but will not automatically be added to existing accounts. However, you can easily edit your existing accounts to manually assign tax form lines to them.

11/19/2017 5:56:40 PM
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