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Determine the opening balance and "as of" date for a vendor

These two fields help you establish a correct accounts payable balance as of the start date you chose for your QuickBooks records.

  1. In the Opening Balance field, enter the amount that you owed to this vendor on your start date.

  2. In the as of field, enter your QuickBooks start date.

Important: To keep your records up to date, you must enter all historical transactions from the day after your start date through today. For example, if you paid bills to this vendor between your start date and today, you must enter those bills and record your payments for them in QuickBooks. This enables QuickBooks to provide full financial reports for your company for any period of time after your start date.

Why do I have to enter old balances instead of current balances?

You must enter how much you owed each vendor on your start date so that when you enter the rest of your transactions from your start date to today, all balances since your start date will be accurate.

Once you have entered the amounts that you owed all of your vendors on your start date, QuickBooks can add up your total accounts payable opening balance.

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