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Adjust the current balance for a vendor

The most common cause of an incorrect balance is a transaction error. To find out where an error may have occurred, create a Vendor Balance Detail report.

  1. Choose Vendors > Vendor Center.

  2. On the Vendors tab, select the vendor.

  3. In the Show list, select Balance Details.

  4. (Optional) You can set the Filter by and Date lists to narrow the transaction list further.

  5. Review the transactions.

If the balance is too high

  • Did you enter a bill and then pay it using the Write Checks window?

    If you're tracking bills in QuickBooks, you must enter bills in the Enter Bills window and then pay them in the Pay Bills window.

    If you used the Enter Bills window to enter bills and then mistakenly paid them in the Write Checks window, the checks won't be linked to the bills, and the bills will remain open and unpaid.

    To correct the problem, use one of the following methods:

    • Delete the bills that are open and leave the Write Checks transaction in place. Use this option only if you don't need to track the bills and bill payments through accounts payable.

    • Pay the bills and delete the Write Checks transactions.

      Follow this procedure if you want to pay the open bills and delete the Write Checks transactions that were created in error.

      To do this task

      1. Back up your company file before you begin.

      2. Open the register for your checking account.

      3. Make a list of the checks that you created in error and include details such as the vendor name, payment date, check number, and amount paid.

        To open a check, double-click the check entry in the register. When you've finishing writing down the information, close the box to return to the check register.

      4. Choose Vendors > Pay Bills. Shortcut

      5. Enter the bill payments using the same payment dates and check numbers that you used in the Write Checks window.

        • Click the Payment Account drop-down arrow and choose the same checking account that you used in the Write Checks window.

        • Click the Payment Method drop-down arrow and choose Check.

        • Select the Assign Check No. option so that you can attach the correct check numbers to the payments.

        • For the Payment Date, choose the original payment date you used in the Write Checks window. If there's more than 1 date that you need to re-create, repeat these steps for each date.

        • Click in the checkmark column next to each bill that you want to pay for this payment date.

        • If you have discounts or credits to apply to a bill, select the bill, and click the Set Discounts or Set Credits button as needed.

      6. When you're finished entering the bill payment information, click the Pay Selected Bills button.

      7. In the Assign Check Numbers window, select the option Assign the appropriate check number to each bill payment check, and enter the check numbers for each bill payment using the same check numbers you used in the Write Checks window.

        When QuickBooks alerts you that the check number has already been used, click Yes to continue. QuickBooks will alert you for each check number that you're duplicating.

      8. When all the bills are paid, open your checking account register again. You should now see two entries with the same check information. One will be type CHK, and one will be type BILLPMT.

      9. To delete each CHK entry, select the entry and choose Edit > Delete Check.

      Note: If you reconciled your checking account prior to deleting the CHK transactions, you must reconcile your checking account again.

  • Did you enter the wrong amount in a transaction?

    Open the transaction and edit it. For example, you can edit a bill or edit a bill payment.

  • Do you need to enter a credit?

If the balance is too low

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