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Add vendors

You can add new vendors at any time. QuickBooks uses the Vendors list to hold information about the people and companies you do business with; for example, this list could include the phone company, your office supplies vendor, and your tax board.

To add a new vendor

  1. Click the Vendors icon.

  2. Click New Vendor.

  3. In the Vendor Name field, enter the name of the vendor as you'd like it to appear on your Vendors list.

    For example, if the vendor is an individual and you list individuals by last name first, that's how you should enter the name.

  4. In the Currency field, select the currency you use with this vendor.

    For example, if the vendor is France, then select Euro.

  5. If you have an outstanding balance for money that you owe to this vendor, enter the Opening Balance and "as of" information.

    Are you entering the correct opening balance?

  6. Enter the information requested in the Address Info tab and the Additional Info tab.

  7. (Optional) On the Account Prefill tab, select the default expense accounts to be used for payments to this vendor.

  8. (Optional) Click Next to save the vendor information and enter another vendor name.

  9. Click OK to save the vendor information and close the window.

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